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BlueprintCPQ Account Brief
We specialize in CPQ software (Configure, Price, Quote). BlueprintCPQ; our Cloud based application, is employed around the world to remove friction from the Lead to Order process.\r\n\r\n * Sales people are freed up, allowing them more time to sell\r\n * Conversion rates are enhanced with higher quality quotation documents\r\n * Costs of selling and sales order processing are reduced\r\n * Business continuity is achieved and bottle necks removed\r\n * Less dependency on certain individuals\r\n * Product development can be tailored to early market trends\r\n\r\nBlueprintCPQ enables modern techniques to be employed to enhance business processes and even the most complex products or services to be streamlined in days - giving a return on investment that can be measured in weeks.\r\n\r\nWe have helped our customers to:\r\n\r\n * Reduce a four hour quotation time down to just 19 minutes\r\n * Enable more people to create quotations (Reducing elapsed time from 1 week
Executives and decision-makers at BlueprintCPQ’s relationship intelligence platform can help you find the right executive to reach out to at BlueprintCPQ, such as John Munday, Director & Co-Founder, or Kevin Geraghty, CEO & Co-founder. Then get in touch and start a conversation.
John Munday Director & Co-Founder
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Kevin Geraghty CEO & Co-Founder
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Connectors at BlueprintCPQ
Executives can be difficult to reach, but every company has connectors who bring together people and ideas. At BlueprintCPQ, people like Beth Southern are likely connectors.
Beth Southern
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