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Moelis & Company Account Brief
Moelis & Company is a leading global independent investment bank.
Moelis & Company Recent News Mentions
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Executives and decision-makers at Moelis & Company’s relationship intelligence platform can help you find the right executive to reach out to at Moelis & Company, such as Glyn Cassidy, Executive Director, or Ted Ferguson, Chief Information Officer. Then get in touch and start a conversation.
Glyn Cassidy Executive Director
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Ted Ferguson Chief Information Officer
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Jonathan Kaye Partner & Managing Director
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Navid Mahmoodzadegan Founder And Managing Director
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Elizabeth Crain Managing Director And Chief Operating Officer (Coo)
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Joseph Simon Chief Financial Officer
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Carlo De Girolamo Vice President
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John Momtazee Managing Director And Founder
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William Nook Partner, Managing Director
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Osamu Watanbe General Counsel And Chief Compliance Officer
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Connectors at Moelis & Company
Executives can be difficult to reach, but every company has connectors who bring together people and ideas. At Moelis & Company, people like Ben Wong, and Cheung Chris are likely connectors.
Ben Wong Managing Director
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Cheung Chris Investment Banking Analyst
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Adam Ludwiczak Vice President
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Ankush Gupta Executive Director, Investment Banking
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Andrea Hurst Head Of Marketing And Communications
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Laura Mccane Head Of Campus Recruiting
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Zach Kushner Project Engineer Iii
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Geoffrey Tollett
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Paco Cantero Associate
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Omar Karar VP
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See who in your network has relationships at Moelis & Company With you can uncover which contacts at a company your network is most strongly connected to. If you find a strong relationship, ask for an introduction!
Moelis & Company Recent Social Activity
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A lot of patriotism and a lot of smiles this week at our 3rd annual Tour de Moelis at @Flywheel . The red, white, and blue was on full display as our New York colleagues sweat it out to raise nearly $5k for Children of @FallenPatriots . Always an honor to support their great work!
a day ago
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Our own Thomas White made it a three-peat, claiming the title of Wall Street’s Best Athlete yet again at this year's @thedecathlon ! Not only did he bring his athleticism to the competition but he also raised thousands of dollars for @sloan_kettering pediatric cancer research.
3 days ago
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Our Chicago colleagues had a successful evening of fundraising for @AmSCORESChicago while having fun at Chicago’s Home of Ping Pong, @AceBounce . Excited to work with this terrific organization and look forward to joining them again for the SCORES Cup on June 22!
4 days ago
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Topics frequently mentioned alongside Moelis & Company
When Moelis & Company is mentioned in the news, often sees topics like Acting, and Product. If your conversation focuses on these topics, you’ll probably get Moelis & Company’s attention.
Companies frequently mentioned alongside Moelis & Company
When Moelis & Company is mentioned in the news, companies such as Amalgamated Bank, Barclays Capital, and National Bank Financial are often also mentioned. These companies can serve as customer examples.
Moelis & Company employees mentioned in the news
Employees who are often in the news are usually open to starting conversations or exploring ideas.'s sales AI saw Joseph Simon from Moelis & Company recently mentioned in the news.
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