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Novell Account Brief
Micro Focus provides innovative software that allows companies to develop, test, deploy, assess and modernize business-critical enterprise applications. Micro Focus’ software enables customers’ business applications to respond rapidly to market changes and embrace modern architectures with reduced cost and risk. Micro Focus has more than 30 years of expertise, more than 18,000 customers and over two million licensed users, including 91 of the Fortune Global 100 companies.
Novell Recent News Mentions
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Executives and decision-makers at Novell’s relationship intelligence platform can help you find the right executive to reach out to at Novell, such as Jorge Dinares, President International, or Rob Steele, Managing Director of Analyst Relations. Then get in touch and start a conversation.
Jorge Dinares President International
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Rob Steele Managing Director Of Analyst Relations
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Dana Russell Chief Financial Officer
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Chris Hsu Chief Executive Officer
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Dale Fuller Cob
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Adam Burke
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Damon Poole Founder
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Maarten Koster President, GM, Novell Asia Pacific
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Parker Boyack Product Marketing Coordinator
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Kuppusami Natesan Global Head, Systems Integrators
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Connectors at Novell
Executives can be difficult to reach, but every company has connectors who bring together people and ideas. At Novell, people like Lauren Lilly, and Tom Scearce are likely connectors.
Lauren Lilly Customer Experience Account Executive, Hospitality NA
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Tom Scearce Marketing Sme, Microsoft
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James Drake Client Success Manager And Advocate
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Chris Peltz Business Operations Strategist
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Padget Dean Global Marketing Analyst
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Wendy Hietala Buyer
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Mark Plant Social Media Business Strategist
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Amanda Rusek Manager, Marketing
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Edmond Chan Solution Architect
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Robert Moon Head Of Global Sales Operations
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See who in your network has relationships at Novell With you can uncover which contacts at a company your network is most strongly connected to. If you find a strong relationship, ask for an introduction!
Topics frequently mentioned alongside Novell
When Novell is mentioned in the news, often sees topics like Healthcare, and Privacy. If your conversation focuses on these topics, you’ll probably get Novell’s attention.
Companies frequently mentioned alongside Novell
When Novell is mentioned in the news, companies such as Cloudera, Inc. , BMC Software, and Solarwinds are often also mentioned. These companies can serve as customer examples.
Novell employees mentioned in the news
Employees who are often in the news are usually open to starting conversations or exploring ideas.'s sales AI saw Lauren Lilly, Tom Scearce, and Amanda Rusek from Novell recently mentioned in the news.
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