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SmartFunnel Account Brief
SmartFunnel® was designed by Momenta Systems Inc., a company founded to help B2B sales managers, sales people and senior executives in businesses selling technical products. Their common goals are to achieve revenue targets, be profitable, and forecast order levels accurately. "Sales" is a big deal for a small company, in fact it is the life-blood of the company. And selling is something we know - very intimately. Our founders worked for many years as sales people, and in business development or marketing roles, doing everything from lead generation to selling to order fulfillment - mostly in corporate sales, and often on the road visiting prospects near and far. We eventually earned the right to help other companies learn how to sell better, in consulting and coaching roles. Sales, forecasting and revenue generation are topics we understand. Along the way we saw certain patterns of how sales people organize their approach to an opportunity, and how their progress is followed by the wh
Executives and decision-makers at SmartFunnel’s relationship intelligence platform can help you find the right executive to reach out to at SmartFunnel, such as Peter Fillmore, CEO, or Rainer Paduch, Part time CTO. Then get in touch and start a conversation.
Peter Fillmore CEO
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Rainer Paduch Part Time CTO
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Connectors at SmartFunnel
Executives can be difficult to reach, but every company has connectors who bring together people and ideas. At SmartFunnel, people like Peter Fillmore are likely connectors.
Peter Fillmore CEO
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See who in your network has relationships at SmartFunnel With you can uncover which contacts at a company your network is most strongly connected to. If you find a strong relationship, ask for an introduction!
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