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Upstream Account Brief
Upstream is a transformational innovation consultancy. Public and private sector organizations engage us when the status quo no longer achieves desired impact. We help them create and transform value propositions through a systemic human-centered approach. We do this by leveraging established human behavior models as a platform to articulate why people do what they do and develop holistic solutions that achieve desired impact. Engagements provide our clients with a unified point of view to align diverse groups of people and overcome the most common cultural barriers to transformational innovation.
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Executives and decision-makers at Upstream’s relationship intelligence platform can help you find the right executive to reach out to at Upstream, such as Andy Hunter, Partner, or Melissa Young, Partner. Then get in touch and start a conversation.
Andy Hunter Partner
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Melissa Young Partner
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Kevin Hickson Vice President
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David Vanderveer Owner
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Gerry Barth Managing Director
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Marco Veremis Founder & CEO
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Jeff Mulhausen CEO
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Apostolos Dimopoulos Senior Director Of Product Management
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Nicolas Rueda VP Business Development Manager
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Nir Aloni VP Business Development
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Connectors at Upstream
Executives can be difficult to reach, but every company has connectors who bring together people and ideas. At Upstream, people like Jesus Kalergis, and Joe Coffey are likely connectors.
Jesus Kalergis Assistant Marketing Manager
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Joe Coffey Owner, Account Planner
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Panos Alpogiannis
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Jon Massengale Business Banker, Bank Officer
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Irene Xenakis Alliance Manager
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See who in your network has relationships at Upstream With you can uncover which contacts at a company your network is most strongly connected to. If you find a strong relationship, ask for an introduction!
Companies that socially overlap with Upstream
Topics frequently mentioned alongside Upstream
When Upstream is mentioned in the news, often sees topics like Health, and Women. If your conversation focuses on these topics, you’ll probably get Upstream’s attention.
Companies frequently mentioned alongside Upstream
When Upstream is mentioned in the news, companies such as Renault are often also mentioned. These companies can serve as customer examples.
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