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Vodafone AG Account Brief
We’ve come a long way since making the first ever mobile call on the 1st January 1985. Today, more than 403 million customers around the world choose us to look after their communications needs. In 25 years, a small mobile operator in Newbury has grown into a global business and the seventh most valuable brand in the world. We now operate in more than 30 countries and partner with networks in over 50 more. True to our origins, Vodafone has always committed to deliver useful and inspiring innovation. In 1991 we enabled the world’s first international mobile roaming call.Fuelled by the desire for sustainable innovation, we recently introduced Vodafone Money Transfer which allows customers in emerging markets to send and receive money safely and easily using their mobile phone. We’re a brand that loves change – if it’s not happening naturally then we’re creating it ourselves. It’s in our DNA to push forward, to create a better future, to never rest and find new ways that help people c
Vodafone AG Recent News Mentions
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Executives and decision-makers at Vodafone AG’s relationship intelligence platform can help you find the right executive to reach out to at Vodafone AG, such as Chuck Pol, VP Sales, or Jiří Báča, COO, Vice President. Then get in touch and start a conversation.
Chuck Pol VP Sales
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Jiří Báča COO, Vice President
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Vittorio Colao Group CEO
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Justin Trollip Ecommerce Product Owner
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Saverio Tridico Member Of The Board Of Directors
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Vivek Badrinath Deputy CEO
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Nigel Banister Interim CIO
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Rohinton Wadia Associate Vice President - Voice Products And Services
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Vanessa Hicks General Manager Human Resources
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Neil Blagden Director, Customer Services & Operations
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Connectors at Vodafone AG
Executives can be difficult to reach, but every company has connectors who bring together people and ideas. At Vodafone AG, people like Mike Cozens, and Chia Stanley Vodafone Americas are likely connectors.
Mike Cozens Senior Digital Marketing Manager Vge
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Chia Stanley Vodafone Americas Senior Director
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Daniel Elekes Marketing Automation Specialist
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James Cochrane Digital Production Manager (Product Owner)
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Pablo Gimenez
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Warren Engall Demand Generation Lead, Inside Sales
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Chris Ireland Global Head Of Sales, Red Edge Inside Sales
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Schmitz Rene Vodafone Americas Senior Director Technology
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Perminas Martin Vodafone Americas Managing Partner
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Daniel Underwood Head Of Sponsorships And Partnerships At Vodafone
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See who in your network has relationships at Vodafone AG With you can uncover which contacts at a company your network is most strongly connected to. If you find a strong relationship, ask for an introduction!
Topics frequently mentioned alongside Vodafone AG
When Vodafone AG is mentioned in the news, often sees topics like Government, and Europe. If your conversation focuses on these topics, you’ll probably get Vodafone AG’s attention.
Companies frequently mentioned alongside Vodafone AG
When Vodafone AG is mentioned in the news, companies such as Ciena, Deutsche Bank, and NYSE are often also mentioned. These companies can serve as customer examples.
Vodafone AG employees mentioned in the news
Employees who are often in the news are usually open to starting conversations or exploring ideas.'s sales AI saw Vodafone Americas, Vodafone Ireland, and Vodafone Americas from Vodafone AG recently mentioned in the news.
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