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New York Startups - Most Connected Tech Companies Recent News Mentions Apr. 12, 2019
Dispensed: Pharma Middlemen Get Their Day In The Hot Seat, Life At Flatiron Health A Year After Acquisition, And Almost $1 Billion Invested In Clinical Trial Startups
Hello, Well, it's official: Bristol-Myers Squibb and Celgene are likely going to form the megamerger of their dreams, after shareholders approved the $74 billion union. Before heading into the weekend on that note, I wanted to leave you with a recap of all the news that kept Business Insider's healthcare team busy this week (tune in next week for some big pieces we've been working on for a while!). We kept a close eye on Capitol Hill this week, where pharmacy benefit managers and drugmakers alike faced lines of questioning from Congress. Here's a recap of what all went down in the Senate hearing with PBMs, which involved a lot of downplaying of rebates and shifting blame back on drug companies. Congress grilled little-known middlemen over the high cost of prescription drugs. Here's how they defended themselves. In February, Congress brought in a group of pharmaceutical CEOs and executives from seven companies to testify about the high price of prescription drugs. On Tuesday, Congress kept the conversation going, this time grilling pharmacy benefit managers, the little-known middlemen responsible for negotiating drug prices. During the hearing executives from the PBMs owned by companies including Humana, Cigna, and UnitedHealth Group made their cases as to why they shouldn't be to blame for the high price of prescription drugs. Relatedly, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon followed up with drugmakers after the February hearing, asking them whether they'd commit to lowering their prices if the proposed rule to get rid of rebates in Medicare goes through. Not surprisingly, there were caveats that the drugmakers leaned on, Emma Court reports. Senators asked 7 big drugmakers to lower their prices. None of them gave a straight answer. US drug prices are higher than anywhere else in the world. Congress has been trying to figure out who's to blame, but there has been a lot of finger pointing. The Tr
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