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securitysystemsnews.com Nov. 26, 2019
Five Questions: Jason Lutz, Resideo
11/26/2019 Ginger Hill Jason_Lutz.jpg Jason Lutz, strategic national account manager & industry relations at Resideo has been busy traveling, which he told SSN he feels very fortunate to be able to do. He slowed down for a few minutes to talk to us about work, life and play. How did you get started in the industry? I was bartending in Houston, Texas and these young guys … every night they’d come to the bar. One day I asked them, ‘What do you guys do that you can come hang out here every single night?’ And they’re like: ‘We’ve got the greatest jobs in the world; we sell security systems. We meet with homeowners to design their systems and then, we come here!’ So, I started in 1991, selling security for Emergency Networks out of Dallas. What are your hobbies? I’m passionate about woodworking. I make a lot of pens and other things, but pens are fun. I can start one and finish fairly quick; it’s something people use every day. I’m also passionate about youth sports. I’ve been on the athletic board in Williamson Country for nine years now. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Years ago, I was fortunate to work for a guy by the name of Ben Cornett, who at the time was the president of Honeywell Security. He said, ‘Jason, no matter what you do, when you’re in front of a customer, you have to make that customer … (and truly believe it internally) … the most important person in your life when they give you their time to be in front of you.’ That’s how I live my life now. Working with Resideo you travel throughout North America. What are your favorite spots? I think South Beach, Miami is just a fun place; I got engaged there. I think it’s Chuck E. Cheese for adults! But, if I ever had the opportunity to just go live somewhere, it would be Bend, Oregon. I have this group of customers in Bend that are family now. What is the most important thing affecting the residential security industry, in your opinion?
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